What we do

Your digital data collection company.

By offering a unique mix of panels, services and software development we serve a big variety of customers and help them to gain valuable insights. Whether you run a small boutique, work as a research consultant in a media/research agency or if you are part of the marketing or research department in a larger retail corporation, Talk will be able to offer you the perfect solution for your insights needs.

We are certified to ISO 20252, commit to all ESOMAR standards and are member of leading national research associations such as DGOF, BVM, ADM, SIMAR, VMÖ,  VdMI and SWISS INSIGHTS.

Please also check out our product/service portfolio or contact us directly at rfq@talkonlinepanel.com or via one of our local offices if you have any further questions. We are happy to get in touch with you and solve your research challenge!

Panel Services

High quality coverage accross Europe.

Our European high-quality panels are the strong backbone of our service. Counting more than 1.3 million active members in 24 countries we are thrilled to meet nearly every possible target group with the help of our deep profiling via 400 attributes. This profiling can also be used to operate client-individual customer segments or recruit special audiences for e.g. online communities. In addition to sample-only projects we are happy to program even the most complex questionnaire with the power of our own scripting software.

Panel members
Panel attributes
Software licenses & service

Software is our DNA.

Quality data needs software to manage it. Be it for data protection and privacy reasons, for interoperability between different systems or for managing data for specific panel members. We are proud to offer a broad range of enterprise software solutions that support the whole life-cycle of data management. From its collection, to its curation and management to its activation for media planning, media measurement and for audience building. We also provide all necessary tools and components to create and manage active communities, across all digital devices. All of our software solutions meet the high-test data privacy requirements and are highly scalable on a global level. We also provide individual customization of our software to integrate with your existing enterprise tools.

Panel Management Software

We provide the Reppublika “Panel Management System” (PAM) that powers all Talk panels to our clients – either via a SaaS model or a manned service model.

Facial Coding

If you are about to launch an advertising campaign and have various digital ad creatives (and/or videos) to choose from, our facial coding is the ideal solution to make a choice based on facts.

Eye Tracking

Optimize your creatives by knowing how creatives, screen designs, etc. are perceived by users.

Behavioural data

Analyse customer behaviour.

We have 20 years of experience in collecting behavioral, consent-based user data. Cookie Tracking, Passive Metering data, Geolocation data or Audio Listening data – we will identify the ideal data source for your research need.

Offline methods

CATI studio and focus group facilities in Prague and Vienna.

Yes, we are a digital-first company. But that does not prevent us from offering offline data collection methods if this is needed for your research. We run a fully equipped CATI studio in Prague with 45 CATI stations that can accommodate both the NIPO system and CATI2WEB (WebCATI) interviewing method. In addition, we have state of the art focus group and interview room facilities in Vienna, featuring a one-way mirror, video recording and simultaneous translation systems round off our service offering.

Caring for our industry

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