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Dealing with waste in public spaces: Insights from Austria

Product sizes in Austria: Consumer preferences and experiences

How Austrians live in 2024: An Analysis of the housing situation

Focus on self-tracking: an analysis of attitudes and activities

Driving and autonomous driving: Differences and preferences

Definition and concept of the meaning of life

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Society’s perception of artificial intelligence and other technology

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Which product sizes do Austrians prefer?

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Food Consumption in the Face of Price Increases

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The Impact of Apps on the Privacy of Others

SIMAR – New Membership for Talk CZ

Donation Habits of Austrians

What Free Time Activities do People like to do in Winter?

How Price Increases and the Pandemic Affect the Consumption of Local Food


Data Collect CAWI is now Talk

Apps and the Access to Personal Data

Film, Television and the Role of Cinema in the Time of Streaming Services

What Plans do the Austrians have for their Summer Holiday?

Beverages To Go & Refillable Drinking Bottles

The War in Ukraine and its Impact on Austria

Long time no see!

Access to Personal Data by App Providers

New Donation Added to Support People of Ukraine

Where You’ll Find Us in 2022

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New Office Address in Munich

Online Purchases and Online Purchases for Christmas

Limiting Privacy to Protect Others

Caring for our industry

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