Panel Services

High quality coverage across Europe.

International outlook with local expertise.

With its headquarters in Zurich, and two decades of operational experience, Talk can provide sampling services in 24 European markets, focusing on Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Central, Eastern and South-Eastern Europe.

We run independent panels throughout that area, with Lithuania as our latest addition. Talk includes Metering Tools as well as Cookie/Cookieless Tagging for  behavioral data collection, while our new smartphone app allows Location Tracking and PoS surveys as well as the integration of Audio Listening features.

There are two key tenets to the Talk philosophy: local expertise and centralized oversight. Local expertise means we have native community managers stationed in most of our countries of operation.

Panel Services

High quality coverage across Europe.

Our European, high-quality research panels and communities are the backbone of our service. Counting more than 1.3 million active members in 24 countries we are able to reach people from across all age groups and user segments. With the help of deep profiling through more than 400 attributes, we can preselect the people you need for your research. We can also add your specific profiling requirements on top of our standard attributes to serve your needs better – be it for quantitive research projects, behavioral data collection or qualitative interview invites. In addition to sample only or pure data delivery projects we are also happy to program even the most complex questionnaire for you, using our own, enterprise-ready scripting software.


Population: 8.7 Mio.

Internet penetration: 83%

Panel size: approx. 55,000

Czech Republic

Population: 10.6 Mio

Internet penetration: 88 %

Panel size: approx. 60,000


Population: 82.4 Mio.

Internet penetration: 88%

Panel size: approx. 100,000

Because we care

Panel Management at Talk.

Talk has set up a loyalty points program for its online panels, allocating a variable number of bonus points for the completion of each questionnaire. The points can be exchanged for locally attractive gift vouchers or magazine subscriptions and depending on the country can also be converted to cash, either paid into a bank account or donated to a charity.

Panel membership in the Talk Online Panels is free, and all answers and personal data are treated as confidential and never passed on to third parties. The quality of the panel is ensured by control measures such as verification of user data through random post or telephone checks, limits on the number of surveys taken, and running requests for profile updates.

Talk fully adheres to ESOMAR principles in all its market research projects and is a member of several local market research associations.

Sample Only

If you have an already programmed questionnaire, we can run it in our panels and collect the answers required. Our project managers will take care of quota management, regular updates and deliver the data.


If you want to setup a specific panel, Talk can take over recruitment for such a panel.


If you have no time to program on their own, Talk is happy to take over this task. Talk always makes sure that all programming is done in a responsive layout, so that surveys can be accessed from all devices.

Profiling / Segmentation

If you work with specific user segments or client segments, Talk can assign these segments to panel members so that they can be used for more targeted invitations as well as for user analysis.

Additional Services

Talk can provide translation services of questionnaires in the languages of your choice and then also take over the programming of the translated questionnaires.


Our panel website was awarded with the Austrian quality mark for e-commerce, guaranteeing our panelists a transparent and and secure experience in our panel.

Caring for our industry

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