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Community Building & Software-based Solutions.

Virtual Focus Groups

Qualitative research is benefiting from the digital age, making it increasingly easier to conduct online focus groups. This allows text persons from all over the country to take part in a discussion, regardless of their location.

Survey Software

Reppublika “OpenSurvey” is a scalable, enterprise-ready digital data collection and survey tool that provides all base functionality needed to create and launch online surveys across different, digital devices. We can license the survey tool to you based on a SaaS model.

Panel User Segmentation

We can import your customer segments or personas in our panel, to allow you to better analyze or target our respondents with your surveys.

Panel Management Software

We provide the Reppublika “Panel Management System” (PAM) that powers all Talk panels to our clients – either via a SaaS model or a manned service model.

Facial Coding

If you are about to launch an advertising campaign and have various digital ad creatives (and/or videos) to choose from, our facial coding is the ideal solution to make a choice based on facts.

Eye Tracking

Optimize your creatives by knowing how creatives, screen designs, etc. are perceived by users.

DMP Feeding for Audience Building

We can provide training datasets, with which you can build audiences in your DMP to activate data and to reach your customers.

Digital Ratings for Media Planning

Reppublika “Digital Ratings” is a SaaS tool that provides an overview of the biggest websites and mobile apps in terms of reach within the national online population. It helps you to find your target audience and analyze competion.

Customer Panel Building & Management

Customer panels and communities allow you to gain valuable insights into your customers, their wishes as well as their behavior. We help you to set up such communities and manage them.

Campaign Measurement

Digital advertising is becoming more and more important. Thus we offer a ready to use self-service tool to measure if your digital campaigns has reached its intended target audience. 

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