Behavioral data collection

Our data extension solutions.

Why behavioral data?

Behavioral data is becoming more and more relevant. It allows to get hard facts about things that people might not remember or even know when asked in a survey. It is data that is measured through various technical methods, and therefore gives real insights in people’s daily ations. Behavioral data is ideal to complement survey data or to target surveys better.

Passive Metering Data

If you want to know what people do on their mobile phones, tablets or desktop computers, we can help you with that by providing you with so-called „Passive Metering Data“. 

Geolocation Data

You want to know how people move? Which stores they visit at what time and analyze their moving patterns or send surveys to them after they visited certain locations?

Cookie & Cookieless Tagging-Data

With Cookie-based or cookieless tagging, website visits or digital campaign exposures can be captured and connected to a panel member that has given permission to do so. We have the capability to roll out cookies or deploy cookieless tagging scripts for your needs.

Audio Listening Data

You want to match your radio or TV commercial with panel members? Audio Listening allows exactly that: to see which panel members have been exposed to a certain TV or radio spot.

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