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High quality online panels and connected digital data collection.

Sample Only

If you have an already programmed questionnaire, we can run it in our panels and collect the answers required. Our project managers will take care of quota management, regular updates and deliver the data.

Passive Metering Data

If you want to know what people do on their mobile phones, tablets or desktop computers, we can help you with that by providing you with so-called „Passive Metering Data“. 

Campaign Measurement

Digital advertising is becoming more and more important. Thus we offer a ready to use self-service tool to measure if your digital campaigns has reached its intended target audience. 

What we do

Your digital data collection company.

By offering a unique mix of panels, services and software development we serve a big variety of customers and help them to gain valuable insights. Whether you run a small boutique, work as a research consultant in a media/research agency or if you are part of the marketing or research department in a larger retail corporation, Talk will be able to offer you the perfect solution for your insights needs.

Who we are

Multinational. Passionate. Dynamic. We are Talk.

Panel Services

High quality coverage accross Europe.

Our European high-quality panels are the strong backbone of our service. Counting more than 1.3 million active members in 24 countries we are thrilled to meet nearly every possible target group with the help of our deep profiling via 400 attributes. This profiling can also be used to operate client-individual customer segments or recruit special audiences for e.g. online communities. In addition to sample-only projects we are happy to program even the most complex questionnaire with the power of our own scripting software.

Panel members
Panelist attributes
Our story

In love with data.

It is the early 2000s: Two school mates write their final exam and don’t know what to do professionally. Instead of starting an office career they program a scripting software and suddenly realize: This is their professional future! And out of this single project they professionalized the service and over the years formed a group of companies under the umbrella „Tito & Friends Holding“. All group companies operate in the field of IT, SaaS solutions, data collection, data analysis and market research, steadily innovating and growing.


Let’s talk.

Read the latest press releases on our events, studies, media cooperations, products and academic projects. Discover interesting cases, perspectives, news and more from within Talk as well as the research industry in general. For more detailed information and any press-related inquiries, please write to press@talkonlinepanel.com.

With our ISO 20252 certification, you will be guaranteed a high level of quality assurance at every stage of your project. The certification ensures effective and consistent processes in secure systems, data protection compliance as well as transparency towards clients and panel members.

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