Research findings

Beverages To Go & Refillable Drinking Bottles

Staying hydrated while out and about

In this study from June 2022 everything revolves around the topic of beverages: how are people consuming drinks while they are on the go? Are our probands using refillable drinking bottles?

To answer these questions we asked our participants how they acquire beverages while they are out and about. 35% buy water or other packaged drinks while they are on the way to somewhere. 40% take water or other drinks with them from home, 21% take a refillable drinking bottle with them that they fill up when necessary. We also asked our probands to estimate how other people are behaving: they think that 64% of other people buy packaged beverages, 24% take packaged drinks with them from home and only 12% take a refillable drinking bottle with them.

It was found that 60% of probands who use a refillable drinking bottle are women. The favorite materials for these bottles are plastic (39%) and metal (33%). The most important qualities that are expected of the refillable bottles are proof agains leakage (76%), the capacity (66%) and the weight (63%). Also the probands describe their own drinking habits as healthier than those of other people.


published: 19.07.2022

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