Research findings

Food Consumption in the Face of Price Increases

Local food vs. organic food vs. fair trade food

In April 2023 324 Austrians were surveyed on behalf of the “Im-Fokus” report for m.core/WU Vienna. This time the survey was about food choices in the face of price increases. How much is spent on local food, organic food and fair trade food?

Participants were already asked in October 2022 whether they buy more or less local food in view of the price increase. Compared to the April 2023 survey, it was observed that participants in April buy more local food compared to participants in October (M = 3.73 vs. 3.56, t(638) = -1.96, p = .05, 1 = much less, 7 = much more). The study also showed that in light of the price increases, more local food is bought than organic food (M = 3.73 vs. 3.23, t(646) = 3.49, p < .001, 1 = much less, 7 = much more).

Participants in April further indicated that in general they buy more local food than organic food (p < .001) and fair trade food (p < .001). Noteworthy: Respondents reported that they believe they buy more local food than others in their district.

The survey was answered by 324 participants (48.8% female, 51,2% male, 1 person diverse), with an average age of 41.7 years (standard deviation 13.1).

Find the full study in German here!


published: 26.05.2023