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Talk demonstrates athletic skills in 4th SIMAR Cup

Networking, Party, and Strong Competition

Talk team members from Czechia and Germany joined forces to participate in the 4th edition of the SIMAR Cup, a prominent sporting and networking event organized by the Czech Association SIMAR. The event attracted approximately 130 participants, including influential industry representatives and CEOs from the Czech market research agencies.

The afternoon was filled with spirited sports events, followed by networking opportunities and a lively party. Talk made an impression with their iconic red shoes and shirts and achieved an impressive 4th place, tying with the team ranked 3rd in points. The event served as an excellent platform for competitors to demonstrate teamwork and sportsmanship through intense beach volleyball, football, and badminton matches.

The SIMAR Cup 4th edition took place on Thursday, 15 June at the HAMR sports complex in Prague, further establishing Talk’s presence in the market research community.

Well done to the Talk team!


Published: 19.06.2023

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