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Are art and creativity the same thing?

Between creativity and technology

In December 2023, 313 Austrians were surveyed on behalf of the Im-Fokus report for m.core/WU Vienna. The survey focused on the importance of art, creativity and artificial intelligence (AI).

With regard to creativity, the survey showed on average that creativity is important to the participants (M=5.39, SD=1.48). The analysis also shows that older participants tend to find creativity more important than younger participants (r(311)=.115, p=.042).

Gender differences can be identified with regard to the different opinions on the creativity of artificial intelligence. Men are more inclined to believe that AI can be creative compared to women (t(310)=2.05, p=.041, d=.23).

The participants were also asked about the distinction between art and creativity and largely agreed that creativity and art are not one and the same (M=3.49, SD=1.84).

Agreement on the increasing importance of creativity

The survey also showed that the majority of participants agree that creativity is an increasingly important trait or skill (M=4.90, SD=1.45). Interestingly, however, it was found that the higher the level of education, the lower the agreement on the increasing importance of creativity (r(311)=.175, p=.002). This could indicate that higher educational institutions may provide different views on the role of creativity in society.

The survey was answered by 313 participants (48.9% female, 0.3% divers, 50.8% male), with an average age of 42.81 years (standard deviation 13.91).

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published: 20.01.2024

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