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Data Collect CAWI is now Talk

Since Data Collect joined the Talk family in 2018, our Czech and international teams have worked tirelessly towards building a dynamic, international company with a strong Czech and Slovak heritage.
Today, we are ready to face the future as one! It is our great joy to announce that the CAWI part of Data Collect will be rebranded as Talk Online Panel s.r.o. and operate seamlessly cross-border with the 25 other country teams within our group. Our industry is fast-moving and not for the weak of heart – we are excited to walk into the future stronger and together.

Leading the charge out of Prague will be digital research pioneer Michal Ševera – as Managing Partner of Talk Online Panel s.r.o., he will focus on innovation and future-proofing through technical improvements.

In terms of operations, little will change in the day-to-day interactions with the project managers – yet we trust that more input and ideas informed from the knowledge transfer among our multicultural teams will be noticeable soon.

Our common goal remains to always strive and improve, stay innovative and of course to serve our customers in the best possible way. Be it with high quality data, advanced technology, local expertise combined with global thinking, or an ever-expanding range of research tools and services. Our industry is demanding and evolving rapidly – but together with our partners we are confident about the future.


published: 18.10.2022

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