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How Austrians live in 2024: An analysis of the housing situation

In April 2024, 333 Austrians were surveyed on behalf of the Im-Fokus report for m.core/WU Vienna. This time, the survey focused on the topic of housing.

Respondents were asked about their housing situation, their satisfaction with it and whether they own pets.


With whom and how do Austrians live?

The survey shows that the majority of the respondents live either with a partner or with a partner and child. Further 22% stated that they live alone and 13% live with parents or other family members.

Regarding the type of housing, the study revealed that the largest proportion live in a rented apartment or an owner-occupied house. In addition, 15% of the respondents live in a condominium and 4% in an apartment building.

The survey shows that satisfaction tends to be higher in an owner-occupied property. This applies to the personal feel-good factor, satisfaction with the living situation and the assessment of whether the living space is considered practical.

The question about pets revealed that only 40% of tenants share their home with furry, feathered or scaly tenants, compared to 56% of owner-occupiers. Among pet owners, 53% have a cat, 47% own a dog, 6% fish and 6% birds.


The survey was answered by 333 participants (50% female, 50% male), with an average age of 41.7 years (standard deviation 12.7).


Find the full study in German here!


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