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Long time no see!

Hello, Bonjour, Ciao!

It’s been a very long time that the Talk-team members saw each other not just via video call, but live and in real time – so we are even more happy that we finally made it!

To stay successful in the long term as a company it’s important to regularly optimize processes and assign roles. Especially after the last few years of constant growth it was again time to organize workshops to plan internal projects and to redefine established processes. To achieve these goals, talk members from all over Europe journeyed to Vienna and worked together in diverse teams. The high amount of passion and motivation to work on these topics was inspiring to witness.

Talk Meetup
A glimpse into the workshop 

And while we were together in one place we decided to celebrate this occasion. That’s why we didn’t just celebrate with our team from Talk, but with the whole Tito group – right over the rooftops of beautiful Vienna.

Party over the rooftops of Vienna
Celebrating over the rooftops of Vienna

We were very glad to see all of you and hope that there will be a next time soon!


published: 10.05.2022

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