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What Free Time Activities do People like to do in Winter?

Free-time activities in winter

In November 2022, we again surveyed Austrians on behalf of the Im Fokus Report for m.core/WU Vienna. The topic of this survey was free time activities in winter.

What free time activities do people like to do in winter? What are they looking forward to in the approaching winter? These were the questions for the Im Fokus Report by m.core/WU Vienna in November 2022. Women were significantly more likely to say that their typical free-time activities were baking (p= <.001), handicrafts (p= <.001) and going to the Christmas market (p= <.001). Winter sport activities are popular among all – there were no gender differences in this regard. In addition, 58% of the participants said that they have at least one leisure activity that they pursue exclusively in winter. Those people who have a leisure activity that they pursue only in winter look forward to winter significantly more than people who pursue the same leisure activities throughout the year (t(295)= 3.411, p= <.001).
There is no significant relationship between exposure to price increases and anticipation of this year’s winter.

The 297 participants* (48.5% male) answered the survey carefully. The average age of the respondents was 41.4 years (standard deviation 13.7).


You can find the full study in German here!


published: 12.12.2022

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