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Sharing, Discarding or Storing at Home?

Sharing, Discarding or Storing at Home?

In February 2023 316 Austrians were surveyed on behalf of the “Im-Fokus” report for m.core/WU Vienna. The topic of this survey was the handling of different products: what is sold, what is thrown away and which products are stored at home? Which possibilities are used to buy or give away/sell products?

Participants are most likely to sell or pass on laptops, books and mobile phones that they no longer want to use (laptop 71%, book 65%, mobile phone 75%). Second comes the option “store at home” for all three products (laptop 24%, book 28%, mobile phone 20%). 5% of the participants would throw away their laptops and mobile phones that are no longer used, books are thrown away slightly more frequently with 7%.

Food is thrown away less often by the participants than other still usable or functional products (e.g. electrical appliances, clothing, decorative items). At the same time, the respondents believe that other people throw away food or other products significantly more often than they do themselves.

When comparing different ways to buy/take or sell/give away products, 93.9% of the participants say they have already once used Willhaben. This is followed by open bookshelves (29%), Carla (19.1%), Momox (17.2%) and 48er Tandler (11.1%). The options Henry Laden (6.4%) and open fridges (5.4%) are used the least.

The survey was answered by 316 participants (51% female, 48.7% male, 1 person diverse), the mean age being 42.12 years (standard deviation 13.11).

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published: 22.03.2023

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