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What Plans do the Austrians have for their Summer Holiday?

Summer holiday

In this study from July 2022 we asked our probands how they plan to spend their summer holiday. How long are they gone, where do they go, how do they get there? To answer these questions we asked 333 people.

69% of participants plan to take a trip in the summer. 14% are not sure yet, 17% will not take a summer holiday. When it comes to the duration of the trip, our probands have different ideas: 5% of our participants plan to leave for just a weekend, 22% plan to take a long weekend for their trip. The biggest percentage of our probands (27%) plan to take approximately a week off, 16% want to take a complete week off. 11% think about taking about one and a half week or two weeks, respectively. 8% even plan to take two whole weeks.

When it comes to travel to reach their holiday destination, our participants have varied preferences: more than half answered they will take their own car (51%), 30% want to go by plane and 17% will take the train. 6% have decided to take a bus to their destination. The remaining 12% will take other options to travel.

We also asked our participants if they travel more or less than before Covid-19 and how they think other people have changed their travel habits. 49% of our probands say they travel a little to much less than before. 33% travel as much as before Covid-19, and only 19% travel a little to much more than before the pandemic. When it comes to other people, 39% of our probands think that people  travel a little to much less than before, 24% think that other people travel as much as before and 37% think that other people travel a little to much more than before.

It turns out that about half of our probands (54%) plan to travel mid-week, and 18% plan to travel more than once. With 31% respectively, Austria and neighbouring countries are both in first place when it comes to preferred holiday destinations. 28% of participants plan to travel to european countries not adjoining to Austria, 10% want to leave the european continent.

The study also shows that people don’t seem to be concerned about a new wave of Covid-19. On a scale from “1 – not at all concerned” to “7 – very concerned” the mean value was 3.8. The most common answers were “1 – not at all concerned” (19%) and “7 – very concerned” (21%).

published: 19.07.2022

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