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Product sizes in Austria: Consumer preferences and experiences

In May 2024, 311 Austrians were surveyed on behalf of the Im-Fokus report for m.core/WU Vienna. This time, the survey focused on the topic of product sizes.

Respondents were asked about their preferences for the size of products and their experiences with handling these products.

What do Austrians think about product sizes?

The survey shows that a significant number of respondents believe that, when in doubt, larger products are better than smaller ones. 33.7% tended to agree with this statement, while 29.8% tended to disagree.

The survey revealed furthermore several interesting correlations. People who believe that larger products are better are more likely to have bought products in the past that were difficult for them to handle because they were too large r(310) = .113, p = .046. These people are more likely to think that other people of their gender and age also prefer larger products r(310) = .536, p < .001. They are also more likely to consider their own height and physical characteristics when choosing product size r(310) = .109, p = .055.

The results show that younger people r(310) = .190, p < .001, female people r(309) = .116, p = .041, smaller people r(310) = .135, p = .017 and people who think larger products are better r(310) = .143, p = .012 are more likely to buy things that are ultimately the wrong size and have to be given away.

The survey was answered by 311 participants (49.0% female, 50.6% male, 0.3% diverse), with an average age of 43.62 years (standard deviation 13.79).


You can find the full study in German here!



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