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Limiting Privacy to Protect Others.




How many Austrians think that solidarity is more important than privacy? 

As part of the Corona Pandemic, our „im Fokus” survey looks at people’s willingness to limit their privacy to protect others. 313 people took part in the survey. The participants were between 18 and 81 years old.

In the context of the measures against the Corona pandemic, it appears that almost 60% of the Austrian population consider lockdowns necessary. This is especially the case for people with an increased perceived risk. When it comes to revealing information to companies, the situation is different: although just under 50% of the population would be willing to have their body temperature measured, access to more sensitive information (such as health data, a person’s activity, or monitoring of social contacts via a wristband or app) is only an option for just under 10% of the population.

Although the protection of one’s privacy is important to the majority of the population, the willingness to expose part of one’s privacy to protect other people also increases with age. Solidarity is also important to Austrians: The majority of the respondents state that they consider it necessary to act as a community and that everyone as an individual is responsible for the health of others.

You can find the study here.


published: 05.04.2022

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