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Online Purchases for Christmas

Online or offline shopping for Christmas presents?

This study from december 2021 engages with the topic of online purchases, and online purchases in the Christmas period in particular.

This study shows that 98% of participants have purchased something online at least once. When questioned what percentage of all purchases (including food products) were usually done online, 45% of probands say that they purchase 1-25% of all purchases online. 28% answer that they purchase 26-50% of all purchases online. 18% take care of 52-75% of their purchases online, and 7% do 76-100% of their shopping online. Just 2% of all participants have never purchased any product online.

It turns out that the younger participants are, the more likely it is that they purchase Christmas presents online. While 37% of participants under 35 purchase their Christmas presents “very likely” online, just 20% of the participants over 50 say that they will purchase presents online.

In comparison, just 5% of probands under 35 say that they will “not at all likely” purchase presents online. This is a big difference to the probands over 50: 20% of them will „not at all likely” purchase presents online.

Participants were also asked if they think differently about presents depending on where they were bought. 82% of probands say that they are pleased by a present, whether purchased off- or online. Just 18% of probands say that a present bought in a small, local store would make them happiest.

Overall it can be said that when buying presents for someone else or when receiving presents, probands on average prefer internet giants.

You can find the full study here!


published: 31.12.2022

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